Overall Medal Count

Mixed 6 4 10
Women 2 2 2
Men 0 2 0
Masters 2 0 0


Race Venue Dates Mixed Women Men Masters
1San FranciscoSep 28/29, 2002Did not qualify for the finalDid not qualify for the finalDid not qualify for the final
2LaughlinMar 20, 2003Do not have results
3HawaiiAug 9, 2003Do not have results
4ArizonaMar 20/21, 2004Do not have results
5LaughlinMay 7, 2004Do not have results
6Long BeachJul 31/Aug 1, 2004SILVER in Mixed Div 5Last in every race
7San FranciscoSep 25/26, 2004BRONZE, Mixed Rec B Did not qualify for the finalDid not qualify for the final
8ArizonaMar 20/21. 2005SILVER, In-State Mixed Divison
9Long BeachJul 30/31, 20055th in Mixed II Group B
10San FranciscoAug 27/28, 2005BRONZE, Division B
11LaughlinOct 15, 2005Do not have results
12ArizonaMar 18/19, 2006GOLD, 'In State' Mixed division
13Las VegasApr 12, 2006Do not have results
14Long BeachJul 21/22, 20064th in Mixed III Group A
15San FranciscoSep 23/24, 2006GOLD, Mixed Rec B
16HoustonOct 21/22, 2006Do not have results
17ArizonaMar 21/22, 2007BRONZE, Division A 2nd in Women's consolation SILVER, Men's Division Finished 6th out of 28 on time
18Las VegasMay 4, 2007Do not have results
19PortlandJun 9/10, 2007Do not have results
20Long BeachJul 29/30, 20074th in Mixed II Group B
21San FranciscoSep 23/24, 20072nd in Mixed Rec A Consolation
22HoustonOct 21/22, 2007Do not have results
23ArizonaMar 28/29, 2008Finished 2nd in Semi -final
24Long BeachJul 25/26, 20085th in Mixed III Group B
25HawaiiAug 22, 2008Do not have results
26San FranciscoOct 4/5, 2008BRONZE, Mixed Rec A
27ArizonaMar 28/29, 2009Mixed Div B - eliminated in Semi
28TacomaMay 15 2009Three first places, but no final
29Long BeachJul 25/26, 2009BRONZE, Division III Group A
30DenverJul 26, 2009Five second places
31San FranciscoSep 26/27, 2009Last place in Mixed Rec A consolation
32Las VegasOct 8 2009Do not have results
33ArizonaMar 27/28, 2010Finished third in Mixed B semi final
34BostonJun 12/13, 2010GOLD, Division B
35Long BeachJul 31/Aug 1, 20106th place in Mixed III Group A SILVER, Open Div 2
36San DiegoJun 4 2010Do not have results
37ArizonaMar 29/29, 2011SILVER, Mixed Div B
38VancouverJun 11/12, 2011BRONZE, Rec C Championship SILVER, Women's Division B
39Long BeachJul 30/31, 2011SILVER, Division II AA SILVER, Women's Division B 4th in Qualifying 5th place in the final
40San FranciscoSep 17/18, 20113rd place in Rec B Consolation Did not advance to finals Did not advance to finals
41San DiegoOct 21/22, 20111st Place Div B Minor Final 2nd Place in Semi Final 1st Place Div B Minor Final
42ArizonaMar 31/Apr 1, 2012Finished 2nd in Mixed Div B Semi Final GOLD, Women's Division B 3rd place in Semi Final
43Hong KongJul 2, 2012
44Long BeachJul 28/29, 2012GOLD, Mixed III Final AA 6th in Division B Final 4th in Division C Final GOLD, Masters B Final
45San FranciscoSep 15/16, 2012BRONZE, Rec B Championship 4th in Qualifying 5th in Qualifying 3rd in Qualifying
46San DiegoOct 20/21, 2012Do not have results
47ArizonaMar 23/24, 2013Did not make final BRONZE, Women's Division A 5th in Final 4th in Masters Final
48BostonJun 8/19, 2013Do not have results
49Long BeachJul 27/28, 20136th in Division III A Final 6th in Women B Final Last in Division B Final 4th in Masters Final
50ArizonaMar 22/23, 20144th in Divison C Final BRONZE, Women's Division A 3rd in Open Consolation 4th in Masters Final
51Portland2014Do not have results
52Long BeachJul 26/27, 2014GOLD, Mixed III Division B 7th in Women B Final 6th in Open A Final GOLD, Masters B Final
53San FranciscoSep 20/21, 2014BRONZE, Mixed Rec B 7th in Women B Final Did not enter 6th in Masters final
54ArizonaMar 28-29, 2015BRONZE, Mixed Division C GOLD, Women's Division B 4th in Open Final Did not qualify for final
55Long BeachJul 18/19, 20154th and 7th in Mixed Division B 5th in Women A and 5th in Women B SILVER, Open B GOLD, Masters B Final
56San FranciscoSep 19-20, 20154th in Mixed Rec B Consolation Did not qualify for final Did not qualify for final Did not qualify for final
57Las Vegas2015Do not have results
58Puerto RicoFeb 6, 2016Red - Silver in Final; Blue - 5th in Final 5th in Grand Final 4th in Grand Final
59San DiegoApril 9/10, 2016
60VancouverJune 18-19, 2016BRONZE, Mixed Rec Consolation
61Long BeachJuly 30/31, 2016
62ArizonaOct 1/2, 2016
63ArizonaMar 25-26, 2017GOLD - Guts and GloryDid not enter
64PortlandJune 10-11, 20174th Place Medal, Division 1Did not enter
65Long BeachJuly 29-30, 20174th and 8th in Div IIIASILVER in Masters Div B
66OaklandSep 23-24, 2017GOLD - Visiting Team consolation
67Las VegasMay 20-21, 2018GOLD - Division A
68Los AngelesSILVER - Community A Division
69ArizonaMar 24-25, 2017
70NevadaMay 19-20, 2018