SEASON: 2004-05

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This Season: 2004-05
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Coca-Cola Championship (Tier 2)
Joe Kinnear, Mick Harford, Gary Megson
FA Cup:
5th Round (Tottenham Hotspur (H) 0-3)
League Cup:
4th Round (Fulham (H) 2-4)

Player Of The Year:
Paul Gerrard
Top Goalscorer:
Gareth Taylor (11 goals)


CHAMPIONSHIP (Tier 2) - 2004-05
Pos Team P W D L F A W D L F A W D L F A GD Pts ResultHomeAway
1Sunderland4629710764116434521133731203594Promoted as Champions1-20-2
2Wigan Athletic4625129793513554215127437204487Promoted1-11-1
3Ipswich Town46241398556173353267106323029851-10-6
4Derby County462210147160107638301238333011762-20-3
5Preston North End46211213675814724422751123369752-02-3
6West Ham United4621101566561256362495930321073Promoted via playoffs2-12-3
8Sheffield United461813155756977282396829331671-11-1
9Wolverhampton Wanderers461521107259911340266107323313661-01-2
11Queens Park Rangers4617111854581076322674122232-4622-11-2
12Stoke City4617101936381121022186891420-2611-00-0
14Leeds United461418144952710628267882126-3600-01-1
15Leicester City4612211349468872420413625263571-11-0
16Cardiff City4613151848511049241931192432-3540-00-3
17Plymouth Argyle461411215264986312353152141-12530-32-3
19Coventry City461313206173878322856122945-12521-40-2
20Brighton and Hove Albion461312214065779242965121636-25510-10-0
21Crewe Alexandra461214206686689373866112948-20502-21-1
23Nottingham Forest469172042667106262827141638-2444Relegated
24Rotherham United465142735692714173437131835-3429Relegated2-20-0

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Competitive Games:
Competitive Goals:
Goals per game:
League Games:
League Points:
44 out of 138 (3 points per win)
Points Percentage:

Goals scored, conceded and win and loss margins
Goal count:1 goal2 goals3 goals4 goals5+ goals
Scored22 times15 times1 time
Conceded16 times12 times7 times2 times1 time
Won By9 times4 times1 time
Lost By13 times3 times5 times1 time

Analysis of the league positions
This table shows:
(a) how many days we spent in each of the league positions
(b) how we did when we played teams in each of the league positions.

Position days Record against teams in each position
Num Days Opp
PWDLFAPointsResults (Green=win; Blue=draw; Red=loss)
1 12-2-112 Stoke City (0-0), Wigan Athletic (1-1)
2 2-------
3 321-1163 Reading (1-0), Ipswich Town (0-6)
4 43-12571 Plymouth Argyle (2-3), Sunderland (1-2), Derby County (2-2)
5 511--213 Queens Park Rangers (2-1)
6 642-2656 West Ham United (2-1), West Ham United (2-3), Preston North End (2-0), Reading (0-1)
7 71--1120 Millwall (1-2)
8 83-3-333 Ipswich Town (1-1), Sheffield United (1-1), Sheffield United (1-1)
91 911--103 Stoke City (1-0)
101 10-------
111 113-12151 Watford (1-2), Derby County (0-3), Leeds United (0-0)
12 121-1-111 Leeds United (1-1)
13 132-11231 Leicester City (1-1), Queens Park Rangers (1-2)
146 1411--103 Burnley (1-0)
154 1521-1223 Sunderland (0-2), Watford (2-0)
16 165-144121 Coventry City (1-4), Preston North End (2-3), Burnley (0-1), Crewe Alexandra (1-1), Plymouth Argyle (0-3)
177 172-11011 Millwall (0-1), Brighton and Hove Albion (0-0)
181 1811--103 Leicester City (1-0)
19 191--1010 Brighton and Hove Albion (0-1)
204 204112464 Crewe Alexandra (2-2), Wolverhampton Wanderers (1-0), Wolverhampton Wanderers (1-2), Coventry City (0-2)
219 212-11251 Cardiff City (0-3), Gillingham (2-2)
2287 22-------
23153 232-11121 Cardiff City (0-0), Gillingham (1-2)
24 242-2-222 Rotherham United (2-2), Rotherham United (0-0)
Not included: Week 1 game against Wigan Athletic (1-1) as all teams were unplaced at the time

Highest League Attendance:
28,887 (Plymouth Argyle)
Lowest League Attendance:
19,209 (Preston North End)
Average League Attendance:
Highest Cup Attendance:
28,062 (Tottenham Hotspur)
Lowest Cup Attendance:
7,344 (Scunthorpe United)

Clean Sheets:
Yellow Cards:
Red Cards:
8   (Gareth Taylor, Andy Reid, Andy Impey, Gareth Taylor, Gregor Robertson, Jon Olav Hjelde, Paul Gerrard, Darryl Powell)
Own goals (for):
0   (scored by opponents for us)
Own goals (against):
2   (scored by us for opponents)   (John Curtis, Andy Melville)
Penalties scored:
Penalties conceded:
Penalties missed:
Penalties saved:

Manager: Joe Kinnear
1Sat Aug 07, 2004Wigan AthleticA1-1Draw12,0359Taylor (55)
2Wed Aug 11, 2004Ipswich TownH1-1Draw21,12515Evans (25)
3Sat Aug 14, 2004Crewe AlexandraH2-2Draw24,20117Taylor (39), King (71)
4Sat Aug 21, 2004Leeds UnitedA1-1Draw31,80814Reid (78 pen)
5Sat Aug 28, 2004Coventry CityH1-4Loss23,04121Johnson (74)
6Mon Aug 30, 2004Plymouth ArgyleA2-3Loss17,53822Jess (44, 80)
7Sat Sep 11, 2004Cardiff CityH0-0Draw21,60722
8Tue Sep 14, 2004SunderlandA0-2Loss23,54022
9Sat Sep 18, 2004Stoke CityA0-0Draw21,11522
10Sun Sep 26, 2004West Ham UnitedH2-1Win25,61521Evans (84), King (90)
11Wed Sep 29, 2004Brighton and Hove AlbionH0-1Loss20,10922
12Sun Oct 03, 2004MillwallA0-1Loss11,23322
13Fri Oct 15, 2004Wolverhampton WanderersH1-0Win21,86520Reid (42)
14Tue Oct 19, 2004Sheffield UnitedA1-1Draw19,44521Johnson (84)
15Sat Oct 23, 2004Preston North EndA2-3Loss12,43922King (78, 80)
16Sat Oct 30, 2004WatfordH1-2Loss24,47322Reid (45)
17Wed Nov 03, 2004Rotherham UnitedH2-2Draw21,61922Johnson (52), King (63 pen)
18Sat Nov 06, 2004Wolverhampton WanderersA1-2Loss27,60523Johnson (25)
19Sat Nov 13, 2004BurnleyA0-1Loss11,62223
20Sat Nov 20, 2004ReadingH1-0Win21,13822Taylor (26)
21Sat Nov 27, 2004GillinghamA1-2Loss8,78423Taylor (14)
22Sat Dec 04, 2004Queens Park RangersH2-1Win26,09922Reid (15), Lester (58)
23Sat Dec 11, 2004Derby CountyA0-3Loss30,79322
Manager: Mick Harford
24Fri Dec 17, 2004Leicester CityH1-1Draw21,41522Dawson (57)
25Sun Dec 26, 2004West Ham UnitedA2-3Loss32,27022Johnson (65, 68)
26Tue Dec 28, 2004SunderlandH1-2Loss27,45723Reid (55)
27Sat Jan 01, 2005Stoke CityH1-0Win22,05123Bopp (68)
28Mon Jan 03, 2005Cardiff CityA0-3Loss13,54523
Manager: Gary Megson
29Sat Jan 15, 2005MillwallH1-2Loss25,94923Commons (88)
30Sat Jan 22, 2005Brighton and Hove AlbionA0-0Draw6,70423
31Sat Feb 05, 2005Rotherham UnitedA0-0Draw8,44823
32Wed Feb 23, 2005Preston North EndH2-0Win19,20923Evans (77), Commons (82)
33Sat Feb 26, 2005Derby CountyH2-2Draw26,16023Evans (36 pen), Taylor (69)
34Sat Mar 05, 2005Leicester CityA1-0Win27,27723Taylor (41)
35Tue Mar 08, 2005WatfordA2-0Win12,11823Commons (45, 79)
36Sat Mar 12, 2005Ipswich TownA0-6Loss25,76523
37Wed Mar 16, 2005Leeds UnitedH0-0Draw25,10123
38Sat Mar 19, 2005Wigan AthleticH1-1Draw24,00823Taylor (85)
39Sat Apr 02, 2005Crewe AlexandraA1-1Draw8,45823Dobie (37)
40Wed Apr 06, 2005Coventry CityA0-2Loss22,22123
41Sat Apr 09, 2005Plymouth ArgyleH0-3Loss28,88723
42Tue Apr 12, 2005Sheffield UnitedH1-1Draw21,90323Commons (47)
43Sat Apr 16, 2005ReadingA0-1Loss17,90523
44Sat Apr 23, 2005BurnleyH1-0Win24,16523Commons (70)
45Sat Apr 30, 2005Queens Park RangersA1-2Loss17,83423Bopp (77)
46Sun May 08, 2005GillinghamH2-2Draw24,80023Morgan (29), Bopp (85)

FA Cup
Manager: Mick Harford
Sat Jan 08, 2005Queens Park Rangers3A3-0Win11,140Reid (24), Commons (25), Folly (82)
Manager: Gary Megson
Sat Jan 29, 2005Peterborough United4H1-0Win16,774King (10)
Sun Feb 20, 2005Tottenham Hotspur5A1-1Draw35,640Taylor (56)
Wed Mar 02, 2005Tottenham Hotspur5Y1H0-3Loss28,062

League Cup
Manager: Joe Kinnear
Wed Aug 25, 2004Scunthorpe United1H2-0Win7,344Taylor (36), King (78)
Wed Sep 22, 2004Rotherham United2H2-1Win11,168Taylor (17, 94)
Tue Oct 26, 2004Doncaster Rovers3A2-0Win9,261King (33), Perch (63)
Wed Nov 10, 2004Fulham4H2-4Loss9,252King (71), Reid (104)

Pre-Season Friendly
Manager: Joe Kinnear
Wed Jul 14, 2004DC UnitedUSAA1-1Draw-? (?)
Fri Jul 16, 2004Richmond KickersUSAA1-1Draw-? (?)
Tue Jul 20, 2004Virginia Beach MarinersUSAA0-0Draw-
Sat Jul 24, 2004Lincoln CityEnglandA0-0Draw-
Tue Jul 27, 2004MiddlesbroughEnglandH1-4Loss-? (?)
Sat Jul 31, 2004Tottenham HotspurEnglandH0-0Draw-

Manager: Gary Megson
Mon May 16, 2005International Select XIH5-4Win13,886Pearce (?), Woan (?), Gardner (?), Walker (?), Doig (?)

Transfers before, during and immediately after the season.
In (15) - £835,000 Out (18) - £6,090,000
Date Player Details Fee Date Player Details Fee
Ian DeakinBoughtDavid TarkaSold
John Lukic JrBoughtDes WalkerRetired
Triallist (2004)BoughtIan DeakinSold
Jul 14, 2004Kevin JamesBoughtJohn Lukic JrSold
Jul 14, 2004Kris CommonsBoughtFreeMatthieu Louis-JeanSold
Nov 06, 2004Adam NowlandBought£210,000May 30, 2003Jon Olav HjeldeSold
Dec 02, 2004Colin DoyleLoan InAug 12, 2003James BigginsSold
Dec 26, 2004Neil HarrisBoughtFreeJul 16, 2004Darren WardReleased
Dec 26, 2004Shaun DerryLoan InAug 07, 2004Des WalkerSold£1,190,000
Jan 08, 2005Yoann FollyLoan InAug 30, 2004Barry RocheReleased
Feb 05, 2005Andy MelvilleLoan InNov 27, 2004Eoin JessReleased
Feb 05, 2005John CurtisBoughtFreeDec 26, 2004Andy ImpeyReleased
Feb 20, 2005Darryl PowellBoughtFreeJan 15, 2005Michael DawsonSold£4,900,000
Feb 23, 2005David FriioBought£100,000Feb 20, 2005Marlon KingLoan out
Feb 26, 2005Scott DobieBought£525,000Apr 30, 2005Darryl PowellReleased
Apr 30, 2005Gregor RobertsonReleased
Jun 01, 2005Jon Olav HjeldeSold
Jun 30, 2005Chris DoigSold

Season Record (Competitive Games only)
Pos Num Player CountryP W D L Goals Yellows Reds Went Off Came On Unused Sub Notes
GK1 Colin Doyle Rep. of Ire.4121125On loan from Birmingham City
GK12 Barry Roche Rep. of Ire.2224
GK22 Paul Gerrard England4913162051Player Of The Year
GK31 Ian Deakin England2Reserve squad
GK40 John Lukic Jr2Reserve squad
GK Darren Ward Wales
GK Mark Crossley Wales
D3 Alan Rogers England391013165911
D4 Wes Morgan England51141621151
D5 Michael Dawson England17539161Left to join Tottenham Hotspur
D16 Chris Doig Scotland2671181119
D21 David Tarka Australia2Left to join Perth Glory FC
D25 James Biggins EnglandReserve squad
D30 Des Walker England111
D36 Andy Melville Wales1545611On loan from West Ham United
D37 Vince Fernandez FranceReserve squad
D38 Gavin Hurren WalesReserve squad
D Justyn Roberts EnglandReserve squad
D Steve Chettle England
D Stuart Pearce England
M2 Matthieu Louis-Jean France2951212353
M5 Darryl Powell Jamaica134454131
M6 John Thompson Rep. of Ire.2467116585
M7 David Friio France52212
M8 Paul Evans Wales4511161849105
M15 Andy Impey England2369861523
M17 Kris Commons Scotland36813157513127
M19 Brian Cash Rep. of Ire.1Left to join Bristol Rovers
M21 John Curtis England134632
M24 Gregor Robertson Scotland246612214813
M26 Ross Gardner England1435622512
M27 James Beaumont England5Reserve squad
M28 James Perch England28891113776
M29 Jon Olav Hjelde Norway1545631117Re-bought from Busan IPark at the beginning of the season
M32 Adam Nowland England6213611
M34 Shaun Derry England82242Returned to Crystal Palace at end of loan
M35 Yoann Folly France211111Returned to Southampton at end of loan
M Triallist (2004)
M Carl Fletcher Wales
M David Prutton England
M Riccardo Scimeca England
M Steve Stone England
F7 Andy Reid Rep. of Ire.2878137711Left to join Tottenham Hotspur
F9 David Johnson Jamaica379111762782
F10 Gareth Taylor Wales43121516115214
F11 Marlon King Jamaica317915915105
F14 Eoin Jess Scotland245811211351
F18 Kevin James England7151153
F19 Jack Lester England312111
F20 Craig Westcarr England1111
F23 Eugen Bopp Germany20479313138
F33 Neil Harris England1542923107
F34 Scott Dobie Scotland123451151
F39 Matthew Glass EnglandReserve squad
F Spencer Weir-Daley England
F Ian Woan England
F Ian Wright England
F Marlon Harewood England
F Nigel Clough EnglandGuested in a Testimonial game
F Nigel Jemson England
F Shaun Wright-Phillips England
F Teddy Sheringham England


Competitive goals only
Goals (Pens)PlayerGames
11Gareth Taylor43
9 (1)Marlon King31
7 (1)Andy Reid28
7Kris Commons36
6David Johnson37
4 (1)Paul Evans45
3Eugen Bopp20
2Eoin Jess24
1Jack Lester3
1James Perch28
1Michael Dawson17
1Scott Dobie12
1Wes Morgan51
1Yoann Folly2

Home and away victories for the season
Game 1 Game 2
Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score

Home and away losses for the season
Game 1 Game 2
Opponent Date H/A Score Date H/A Score
Coventry CitySat Aug 28, 2004Home1-4Wed Apr 06, 2005Away0-2
MillwallSun Oct 03, 2004Away0-1Sat Jan 15, 2005Home1-2
Plymouth ArgyleMon Aug 30, 2004Away2-3Sat Apr 09, 2005Home0-3
SunderlandTue Sep 14, 2004Away0-2Tue Dec 28, 2004Home1-2