Summary for None
Opposition First Game Last Game P W D L F A
Notts CountyMar 11, 1871Mar 05, 1881220071
Sheffield WednesdayJan 08, 1876Oct 20, 1888201145
Grimsby TownMay 05, 1883Jan 11, 19026312104
The WednesdayJan 03, 1885Mar 21, 1891210145
Newton HeathMar 09, 1889Apr 07, 1894422073
Luton TownApr 18, 1896Apr 18, 1938211032
Tottenham HotspurApr 16, 1897Oct 24, 1987110030
Glossop North EndSep 16, 1899Jan 25, 1902320184
Rotherham CountySep 09, 1916Feb 08, 19226411124
Stockport CountyMar 27, 1926Mar 27, 1926110020
SunderlandOct 24, 1964Oct 24, 1964110052
Manchester CityNov 29, 1989Nov 29, 1989110032

All Games against None
# Date Game Type Opponent H/A Score Ground Notes
Thu Mar 22, 1866FriendlyNottsH0-0Forest Recreation GroundFirst recorded game
Thu Apr 19, 1866FriendlyNottsA0-0
Thu Dec 13, 1866FriendlyNottsA1-1Meadows Cricket Ground
Thu Feb 28, 1867FriendlyNottsH0-1Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Nov 06, 1869FriendlyNottsH0-0
Sat Nov 13, 1869FriendlyNottsH0-0Forest Cricket GroundNotts won by 1 rouge to 0
Sat Mar 11, 1871FriendlyNotts CountyH1-1
Fri Mar 31, 1871FriendlyMansfieldH2-0Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Nov 18, 1871FriendlyMansfieldH1-0Forest Recreation Ground
Tue Feb 13, 1872FriendlyNotts CountyA1-0Meadows Cricket Ground
Sat Feb 24, 1872FriendlyNotts CountyH2-1
Sat Nov 02, 1872FriendlyMansfieldH0-0Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Dec 07, 1872FriendlyNottsH1-0Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Dec 14, 1872FriendlyStokeA0-0
Sat Jan 04, 1873FriendlyNottsA0-0Meadows Cricket Ground
Sat Jan 25, 1873FriendlyMansfieldA1-0
Sat Feb 01, 1873FriendlyStokeH3-1Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Nov 29, 1873FriendlyStokeH2-1Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Dec 27, 1873FriendlyNottsH0-0Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Jan 31, 1874FriendlyMansfieldA2-0
Sat Feb 07, 1874FriendlyNottsA0-0Trent Bridge
Sat Feb 28, 1874FriendlyMansfieldH3-1Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Nov 14, 1874FriendlyNottsA0-0Trent Bridge
Sat Dec 05, 1874FriendlyNotts County XIA0-0
Sat Jan 30, 1875FriendlyMansfieldH3-1
Tue Feb 09, 1875FriendlyNottsH5-1
Sat Feb 27, 1875FriendlyMansfieldH0-0Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Nov 13, 1875FriendlyNottsH2-1Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Jan 08, 1876FriendlySheffield WednesdayH0-5Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Feb 26, 1876FriendlyNottsA0-1Trent Bridge
Sat Mar 18, 1876FriendlySheffield WednesdayA1-9Bramall Lane
Sat Nov 18, 1876FriendlyNottsH0-2Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Jan 13, 1877FriendlySheffield WednesdayH2-1Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Jan 27, 1877FriendlySheffield WednesdayA1-0
Thu Feb 08, 1877FriendlyNottsA1-1
Tue Feb 13, 1877FriendlySheffield WednesdayH0-1Trent Bridge
Sat Jan 26, 1878FriendlySheffield WednesdayH4-1Forest Recreation Ground
Sat Feb 16, 1878FriendlyGlasgow RangersH2-4Trent Bridge
Tue Mar 05, 1878FriendlySheffield WednesdayH0-1Trent Bridge
Sat Apr 20, 1878FriendlyGlasgow RangersA0-2
Sat Oct 26, 1878FriendlyGlasgow RangersH0-2Gregory Ground
1Sat Nov 16, 1878FA CupNotts CountyA3-1Beeston Cricket GroundForest's first competitive game
Sat Dec 07, 1878FriendlySheffield WednesdayA0-1Sheaf House
Sat Apr 12, 1879FriendlyGlasgow RangersA0-3
2Sat Nov 08, 1879FA CupNotts CountyH4-0Town Ground
Sat Jan 17, 1880FriendlyNotts CountyH7-1Trent Bridge
Sat Feb 07, 1880FriendlySheffield WednesdayH2-0Trent Bridge
Sat Feb 21, 1880FriendlySheffield WednesdayA0-1Sheaf House
Sat Oct 16, 1880FriendlyNotts CountyH4-0Trent Bridge
Sat Oct 30, 1880FriendlyGlasgow RangersH2-1Trent Bridge
Sat Dec 11, 1880FriendlyGlasgow RangersA2-2Kinning Park
Sat Mar 05, 1881FriendlyNotts CountyA0-1Castle Cricket Ground
Mon Oct 24, 1881FriendlyKettering TownA5-1
Sat Oct 29, 1881FriendlyGlasgow RangersH0-0Trent Bridge
Sat Dec 17, 1881FriendlyNottsH0-5Trent Bridge
Sat Feb 11, 1882FriendlyNottsA2-1Castle Cricket Ground
Tue Feb 21, 1882FriendlyHeart Of MidlothianH2-1Trent Bridge
3Sat Jan 06, 1883FA CupSheffield WednesdayH2-2Trent Bridge
4Sat Jan 13, 1883FA CupSheffield WednesdayA2-3Bramall Lane
Sat Jan 20, 1883FriendlyNottsH1-1Trent Bridge
Sat May 05, 1883FriendlyGrimsby TownA2-1Cleethorpes Road
Sat May 19, 1883Wednesbury CupWest Bromwich AlbionA5-3Perry Barr
Sat Jan 26, 1884FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH1-1Parkside Ground
Sat Mar 08, 1884FriendlySheffield WednesdayH0-2Parkside Ground
Sat Oct 11, 1884FriendlyLincoln CityA4-2John O'Gaunts
Sat Oct 18, 1884FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsA1-3The Chuckery
Sat Nov 15, 1884FriendlySheffield WednesdayH0-5Parkside Ground
Sat Nov 29, 1884FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH0-0Parkside Ground
Sat Dec 20, 1884FriendlyWalsallH1-1Parkside Ground
5Sat Jan 03, 1885FA CupThe WednesdayA2-1Olive Grove
Sat Feb 14, 1885FriendlySheffield WednesdayA5-0Old Forge Ground
Sat Oct 03, 1885FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH3-1Gregory Ground
Sat Dec 19, 1885FriendlySheffield WednesdayA1-1Bramall Lane
Sat Jan 02, 1886FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH4-1
Sat Feb 20, 1886FriendlyWest Bromwich AlbionA0-1
Sat Feb 27, 1886FriendlyGlasgow RangersH2-2Gregory Ground
Sat Apr 24, 1886FriendlyGlasgow RangersA1-2Kinning Park
Sat Oct 02, 1886FriendlyWalsall Town SwiftsH3-0Gregory Ground
Thu Oct 07, 1886FriendlySheffield WednesdayH4-1Gregory Ground
6Sat Nov 13, 1886FA CupGrimsby TownH2-2Gregory Ground
7Sat Nov 20, 1886FA CupGrimsby TownA1-0Blundell Park
Sat Apr 09, 1887FriendlyGlasgow RangersA0-1Cathkin Park
Thu Oct 06, 1887FriendlySheffield WednesdayH2-1Gregory Ground
Sat Nov 12, 1887FriendlyLincoln CityA1-1John O'Gaunts
8Sat Jan 07, 1888FA CupThe WednesdayH2-4Gregory Ground
Sat Jan 21, 1888FriendlyGrimsby TownH2-0Gregory Ground
Sat Feb 04, 1888FriendlyLincoln CityH2-0Gregory Ground
Sat Sep 08, 1888FriendlySheffield WednesdayA2-2Olive Grove
Sat Oct 20, 1888FriendlySheffield WednesdayH1-3Gregory Ground
Sat Nov 03, 1888FriendlyHereford UnitedA6-0
Sat Jan 19, 1889FriendlyGlasgow RangersH2-1Gregory Ground
Sat Mar 09, 1889FriendlyNewton HeathH2-2Gregory Ground
Sat Mar 23, 1889FriendlyNewton HeathA1-3
Sat Apr 20, 1889FriendlyGlasgow RangersA0-2Ibrox
Sat Sep 21, 1889Football AllianceGrimsby TownA0-4Blundell Park
Sat Oct 05, 1889Football AllianceGrimsby TownH1-2Town Ground
Sat Dec 28, 1889Football AllianceThe WednesdayA1-3Olive Grove
Sat Jan 04, 1890Football AllianceThe WednesdayH1-3Town Ground
Sat Feb 15, 1890Football AllianceNewton HeathH1-3Town Ground
Sat Apr 05, 1890Football AllianceNewton HeathA1-0North Road (Manchester)
Mon Sep 15, 1890FriendlyHeart Of MidlothianA0-1
Sat Sep 20, 1890Football AllianceNewton HeathA1-1North Road (Manchester)
Sat Nov 01, 1890Football AllianceThe WednesdayA2-0Olive Grove
Sat Nov 22, 1890Football AllianceNewton HeathH8-2Town Ground
Sat Dec 27, 1890Football AllianceGrimsby TownH1-1Town Ground
Sat Jan 03, 1891FriendlyHeart Of MidlothianH8-2Town Ground
Sat Jan 10, 1891FriendlyGlasgow RangersA2-1Ibrox
Sat Mar 21, 1891Football AllianceThe WednesdayH0-0Town Ground
Thu Apr 09, 1891Football AllianceGrimsby TownA0-3Blundell Park
Sat Apr 11, 1891FriendlyGlasgow RangersH3-0Town Ground
Wed Sep 09, 1891FriendlyMansfieldA4-0
Sat Oct 24, 1891FriendlyKettering TownA5-1
Sat Nov 14, 1891Football AllianceArdwickA3-1Hyde Road
Thu Nov 19, 1891Football AllianceArdwickH4-0Town Ground
Sat Nov 21, 1891Football AllianceGrimsby TownH3-3Town Ground
Fri Jan 01, 1892Football AllianceNewton HeathA1-1North Road (Manchester)
Sat Feb 06, 1892Football AllianceLincoln CityH0-0Town Ground
Sat Feb 20, 1892Football AllianceLincoln CityA4-1John O'Gaunts
Tue Mar 01, 1892FriendlyRotherham TownA2-2
Sat Mar 19, 1892Football AllianceNewton HeathH3-0Town Ground
Sat Apr 09, 1892FriendlyGrimsby TownA3-2
Thu Apr 28, 1892Football AllianceGrimsby TownA1-1Blundell Park
Thu Sep 01, 1892FriendlyArdwickA2-2
Thu Sep 08, 1892FriendlyLincoln CityH3-1Town Ground
Wed Sep 14, 1892FriendlyLincoln CityA3-2John O'Gaunts
9Sat Oct 29, 1892League Tier 1Newton HeathH1-1Town Ground
10Sat Jan 14, 1893League Tier 1Newton HeathA3-1North Road (Manchester)
Thu Feb 16, 1893FriendlyGrimsby TownA2-0
Wed Sep 13, 1893FriendlyMansfieldA6-0
11Sat Sep 23, 1893League Tier 1Newton HeathA1-1Bank Street
12Sat Apr 07, 1894League Tier 1Newton HeathH2-0Town Ground
Thu Apr 26, 1894FriendlyGrimsby TownA2-2
Mon Apr 30, 1894FriendlyKettering TownA2-1
Tue Sep 11, 1894FriendlyKettering TownA2-0
Thu Apr 25, 1895FriendlyMansfieldA3-1
Thu Feb 27, 1896FriendlyGrimsby TownH4-2Town GroundBenefit game for Adam Scott
Mon Mar 16, 1896FriendlyKettering TownA0-1Kettering Cup
Sat Apr 18, 1896FriendlyLuton TownA1-3
Thu Sep 24, 1896FriendlyGrimsby TownA2-5
Thu Mar 25, 1897FriendlyGrimsby TownH3-0Town GroundBurford Cup
Fri Apr 16, 1897FriendlyTottenham HotspurA1-1Northumberland Park
Sat Apr 24, 1897FriendlyLincoln CityA2-2Sincil Bank
Wed Apr 28, 1897TestimonialMansfieldA3-0Testimonial for T Harper
13Sat Jan 29, 1898FA CupGrimsby TownH4-0City Ground (Town Ground)
Thu Sep 22, 1898FriendlyGrimsby TownA1-0
Thu Apr 27, 1899FriendlySwindon TownA0-1
14Sat Sep 16, 1899League Tier 1Glossop North EndA0-3North Road
15Sat Jan 13, 1900League Tier 1Glossop North EndH5-0City Ground
16Sat Jan 27, 1900FA CupGrimsby TownH3-0City Ground
17Sat Sep 14, 1901League Tier 1Grimsby TownA0-1Blundell Park
18Sat Jan 11, 1902League Tier 1Grimsby TownH0-1City Ground
19Sat Jan 25, 1902FA CupGlossop North EndA3-1Priestfield Stadium
Sat Apr 26, 1902FriendlyPlymouth ArgyleA10-1
Sat Sep 09, 1916WWI Initial TournamentRotherham CountyA1-2Millmoor
Sat Dec 16, 1916WWI Initial TournamentRotherham CountyH2-3City Ground
Sat Oct 13, 1917WWI Initial TournamentRotherham CountyH1-3City Ground
Sat Oct 20, 1917WWI Initial TournamentRotherham CountyA3-1Millmoor
Sat Sep 21, 1918WWI Initial TournamentRotherham UnitedH3-1City Ground
Sat Sep 28, 1918WWI Initial TournamentRotherham UnitedA1-1Millmoor
20Sat Aug 30, 1919League Tier 2Rotherham CountyA0-2Millmoor
21Sat Sep 06, 1919League Tier 2Rotherham CountyH4-1City Ground
22Sat Dec 25, 1920League Tier 2Rotherham CountyH6-1City Ground
23Mon Dec 27, 1920League Tier 2Rotherham CountyA0-0Millmoor
24Sat Jan 21, 1922League Tier 2Rotherham CountyA1-0Millmoor
25Wed Feb 08, 1922League Tier 2Rotherham CountyH1-0City Ground
26Sat Mar 27, 1926League Tier 2Stockport CountyH2-0City Ground
27Fri Apr 15, 1938League Tier 2Luton TownH1-0City Ground
28Mon Apr 18, 1938League Tier 2Luton TownA2-2Kenilworth Road
Sat Oct 10, 1942WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyH5-1City Ground
Tue Oct 13, 1942WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyA2-3Baseball Ground
Sat Feb 06, 1943WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyH4-1City GroundResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Feb 13, 1943WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyA1-3Baseball GroundResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Oct 23, 1943WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyH4-3City Ground
Sat Oct 30, 1943WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyA1-3Baseball Ground
Sun Dec 26, 1943WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyA1-2Baseball GroundResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
Sat Jan 01, 1944WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyH1-1City GroundResult also contributed to Cup Qualifying
29Sat Oct 24, 1964League Tier 1SunderlandH5-2City Ground
Mon May 04, 1981County CupMansfield TownH2-1City Ground
30Sat Oct 24, 1987League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH3-0City Ground
31Wed Nov 29, 1989Full Members CupManchester CityH3-2City Ground