Full Name:
Thomas Deans Johnston


Years Active:
1944-48 (4 seasons)

Last Game:
76 years, 1 month, 29 days ago

STATS (Competitive games only):
Jan 05, 1946
Last Game:
Mar 29, 1948
70 (Rank: #298)
32 (Rank: #74)
Own Goals:

Yellow Cards:
Red Cards:
Dec 30, 1918



Nov 27, 1994



Intnl. Country:

Caps while at Forest:

Goals while at Forest:

Total Caps:

Total Goals:

Penalties scored:
Penalties missed:

Hat Tricks
Jun 14, 1947 (Bradford Park Avenue)

Shirt numbers:
11 (32 games) , 9 (18) , 10 (7) , 8 (7) , 7 (5) , 1 (1)
Billy Walker (70 appearances)


SEASON STATS (Competitive games only)
Season Age* Squad Num Played Won Drawn Lost Goals Yellows Reds Own
Went Off Came On Unused
*Age = player's age on August 1st of the season

# Season Date Type Club Fee Loan until Manager
11944-45Aug 1944Bought Peterborough UnitedBilly Walker
21947-48Summer 1948SoldNotts CountyBilly Walker

Game First Game Last Game P W D L Goals Yellows Reds Own Goals Started Came On Went Off Unused Sub
League Tier 1
League Tier 2Aug 31, 1946Mar 29, 1948652213293265
League Tier 3
FA CupJan 05, 1946Jan 10, 194851225
League Cup
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
EFL Trophy
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
Total (Comp)Jan 05, 1946Mar 29, 1948702315313270
WWII Main LeagueAug 26, 1944May 04, 1946591717253159
WWII Combined LeagueDec 30, 1944Apr 28, 194515465415
FriendlyMay 09, 1945Feb 07, 19485235
Pre-Season FriendlyAug 16, 1945Aug 16, 1945111
TestimonialSep 25, 1946Sep 25, 19461111
TOTAL (Non-Comp)Aug 26, 1944Feb 07, 1948812225343681
TOTAL OVERALLAug 26, 1944Mar 29, 194815145406568151
League TotalAug 31, 1946Mar 29, 1948652213293265
AbandonedDec 14, 1946Dec 14, 194611

ALL GAMES FOR TOM JOHNSTON (Competitive: 70, Other: 81)
Manager for all games: Billy Walker
# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Num Started Came
Yellow Red
Sat Aug 26, 1944WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyH0-011Started
Sat Sep 02, 1944WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyA0-511Started
Sat Sep 09, 1944WWII Main LeagueSheffield UnitedA0-210Started
Sat Sep 16, 1944WWII Main LeagueSheffield UnitedH2-211Started
Sat Sep 23, 1944WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyH2-111Started
Sat Sep 30, 1944WWII Main LeagueNotts CountyA-11Started
Sat Oct 07, 1944WWII Main LeagueChesterfieldA1-011Started
Sat Oct 14, 1944WWII Main LeagueChesterfieldH2-111Startedgoalgoal
Sat Oct 21, 1944WWII Main LeagueMansfield TownH2-511Started
Sat Oct 28, 1944WWII Main LeagueMansfield TownA2-411Startedgoal
Sat Nov 04, 1944WWII Main LeagueRotherham UnitedA2-111Started
Sat Nov 11, 1944WWII Main LeagueRotherham UnitedH1-211Startedgoal
Sat Nov 18, 1944WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityH2-211Started
Sat Nov 25, 1944WWII Main LeagueLincoln CityA2-211Started
Sat Dec 02, 1944WWII Main LeagueSheffield WednesdayA1-211Startedgoal
Sat Dec 09, 1944WWII Main LeagueSheffield WednesdayH1-011Started
Sat Dec 16, 1944WWII Main LeagueGrimsby TownA1-311Started
Sat Dec 23, 1944WWII Main LeagueGrimsby TownH1-211Started
Sat Dec 30, 1944WWII Combined LeagueLeicester CityH0-011Started
Sat Jan 06, 1945WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyH1-111Startedgoal
Sat Jan 13, 1945WWII Combined LeagueDerby CountyA0-311Started
Sat Feb 03, 1945WWII Combined LeagueChesterfieldA1-011Started
Sat Feb 10, 1945WWII Combined LeagueChesterfieldH1-111Started
Sat Feb 17, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH1-411Started
Sat Feb 24, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyA2-111Started
Sat Mar 03, 1945WWII Combined LeagueLeicester CityA1-111Startedgoal
Sat Mar 17, 1945WWII Combined LeagueMansfield TownA0-111Started
Mon Apr 02, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH6-011Startedgoal
Sat Apr 07, 1945WWII Combined LeagueCoventry CityH1-111Started
Sat Apr 14, 1945WWII Combined LeagueCoventry CityA1-111Startedgoal
Thu Apr 19, 1945WWII Combined LeagueBirmingham CityA1-49Started
Sat Apr 21, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyA3-17Started
Sat Apr 28, 1945WWII Combined LeagueNotts CountyH2-57Started
Wed May 09, 1945FriendlyDerby CountyA2-27Started
Thu Aug 16, 1945Pre-Season FriendlyDerby CountyH1-411Started
Sat Aug 25, 1945WWII Main LeagueChelseaA4-010Startedgoal
Sat Sep 01, 1945WWII Main LeagueChelseaH0-111Started
Wed Sep 12, 1945WWII Main LeagueFulhamH1-17Startedgoal
Sat Sep 15, 1945WWII Main LeagueMillwallA1-27Started
Mon Sep 17, 1945WWII Main LeaguePlymouth ArgyleH2-07Started
Sat Sep 22, 1945WWII Main LeagueSouthamptonA2-57Started
Sat Sep 29, 1945WWII Main LeagueSouthamptonH4-010Startedgoalgoal
Sat Oct 06, 1945WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyH1-110Started
Sat Oct 13, 1945WWII Main LeagueDerby CountyA2-310Startedgoalgoal
Sat Oct 20, 1945WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityA0-010Started
Wed Oct 24, 1945FriendlyBritish Army Of The RhineN1-410Started
Sat Oct 27, 1945WWII Main LeagueLeicester CityH1-110Started
Sat Nov 03, 1945WWII Main LeagueCoventry CityH0-010Started
Sat Nov 10, 1945WWII Main LeagueCoventry CityA4-111Startedgoal
Sat Nov 17, 1945WWII Main LeagueLuton TownA4-111Startedgoalgoal
Sat Nov 24, 1945WWII Main LeagueLuton TownH0-211Started
Sat Dec 01, 1945WWII Main LeagueAston VillaA1-311Started
Sat Dec 08, 1945WWII Main LeagueAston VillaH1-311Started
Sat Dec 15, 1945WWII Main LeagueArsenalA2-211Started
Sat Dec 22, 1945WWII Main LeagueArsenalH3-211Startedgoalgoal
Tue Dec 25, 1945WWII Main LeagueCharlton AthleticH0-211Started
Wed Dec 26, 1945WWII Main LeagueCharlton AthleticA0-211Started
Sun Dec 30, 1945WWII Main LeagueFulhamA3-311Startedgoalgoalgoal
1Sat Jan 05, 1946FA CupWatfordH1-111Started
2Wed Jan 09, 1946FA CupWatfordA1-111Started
Sat Jan 12, 1946WWII Main LeaguePortsmouthA2-211Startedgoal
3Wed Jan 16, 1946FA CupWatfordN0-111Started
Sat Jan 19, 1946WWII Main LeaguePortsmouthH3-011Startedgoalgoal
Sat Jan 26, 1946WWII Main LeagueSwansea TownH2-211Started
Sat Feb 02, 1946WWII Main LeagueSwansea TownA3-311Startedgoal
Sat Feb 16, 1946WWII Main LeagueNewport CountyA4-211Started
Sat Feb 23, 1946WWII Main LeagueWolverhampton WanderersA0-411Started
Sat Mar 02, 1946WWII Main LeagueWolverhampton WanderersA0-011Started
Sat Mar 09, 1946WWII Main LeagueWest Ham UnitedH1-111Startedgoal
Sat Mar 16, 1946WWII Main LeagueWest Ham UnitedA3-111Startedgoal
Sat Mar 23, 1946WWII Main LeagueWest Bromwich AlbionA0-111Started
Sat Mar 30, 1946WWII Main LeagueWest Bromwich AlbionH0-211Started
Sat Apr 06, 1946WWII Main LeagueBirmingham CityH1-011Started
Sat Apr 13, 1946WWII Main LeagueBirmingham CityA1-211Startedgoal
Fri Apr 19, 1946WWII Main LeagueTottenham HotspurA2-311Startedgoal
Sat Apr 20, 1946WWII Main LeagueBrentfordH2-011Started
Mon Apr 22, 1946WWII Main LeagueTottenham HotspurH0-211Started
Tue Apr 23, 1946WWII Main LeagueNewport CountyH7-27Startedgoalgoalgoal
Sat Apr 27, 1946WWII Main LeagueBrentfordA1-511Startedgoal
Sat May 04, 1946WWII Main LeaguePlymouth ArgyleA2-311Started
4Sat Aug 31, 1946League Tier 2BarnsleyA2-311Started
5Thu Sep 05, 1946League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH0-211Started
6Sat Sep 07, 1946League Tier 2Newport CountyH6-111Startedgoalgoal
7Mon Sep 09, 1946League Tier 2Swansea TownA2-311Started
8Sat Sep 14, 1946League Tier 2SouthamptonA2-511Startedgoal
9Sat Sep 21, 1946League Tier 2Luton TownH4-211Startedgoal
Wed Sep 25, 1946TestimonialLincoln CityA3-011Startedgoal
10Sat Sep 28, 1946League Tier 2Coventry CityH1-011Started
11Sat Oct 05, 1946League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-411Started
Wed Nov 06, 1946FriendlyCombined Services XIA2-211Started
12Sat Nov 09, 1946League Tier 2MillwallH1-27Started
13Sat Nov 16, 1946League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueA1-011Startedgoal
14Sat Nov 23, 1946League Tier 2Manchester CityH0-111Started
15Sat Dec 07, 1946League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH2-211Started
16Sat Dec 14, 1946League Tier 2FulhamA1-011Started
17Sat Dec 21, 1946League Tier 2BuryH2-011Startedgoal
18Wed Dec 25, 1946League Tier 2BurnleyA0-311Started
19Thu Dec 26, 1946League Tier 2BurnleyH1-07Started
20Sat Dec 28, 1946League Tier 2BarnsleyH2-111Started
21Wed Jan 01, 1947League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedA0-311Started
22Sat Jan 04, 1947League Tier 2Newport CountyA5-211Startedgoal
23Sat Jan 11, 1947FA CupLincoln CityA1-011Started
24Wed Jan 29, 1947League Tier 2Luton TownA2-31Started
25Sat Feb 01, 1947League Tier 2Coventry CityA1-110Started
26Sat Mar 01, 1947League Tier 2Leicester CityA1-111Started
27Sat Mar 15, 1947League Tier 2MillwallA0-411Started
28Fri Apr 04, 1947League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurA0-210Started
29Sat Apr 05, 1947League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH4-311Startedgoalgoal
30Mon Apr 07, 1947League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH1-111Started
31Sat Apr 12, 1947League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA0-211Started
32Sat May 10, 1947League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-111Started
33Sat May 17, 1947League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionA1-511Started
34Mon May 26, 1947League Tier 2FulhamA1-111Started
35Tue May 27, 1947League Tier 2ChesterfieldH1-011Startedgoal
36Sat May 31, 1947League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleH5-111Startedgoalgoal
37Sat Jun 14, 1947League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH4-08Startedgoalgoalgoal
38Sat Aug 23, 1947League Tier 2BuryH2-18Startedgoal
39Wed Aug 27, 1947League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH1-28Started
40Sat Aug 30, 1947League Tier 2West Ham UnitedA1-28Startedgoal
41Wed Sep 03, 1947League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueA1-38Started
42Sat Sep 06, 1947League Tier 2ChesterfieldH1-38Startedgoal
43Wed Sep 10, 1947League Tier 2BrentfordA1-38Startedgoal
44Sat Sep 13, 1947League Tier 2MillwallA0-27Started
45Wed Sep 17, 1947League Tier 2BrentfordH2-010Startedgoal
46Sat Sep 20, 1947League Tier 2Tottenham HotspurH1-011Startedgoal
47Sat Sep 27, 1947League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayA1-210Started
48Sat Oct 04, 1947League Tier 2Cardiff CityH1-27Startedgoal
49Sat Oct 11, 1947League Tier 2Leicester CityA1-37Started
50Sat Oct 18, 1947League Tier 2Leeds UnitedH1-09Startedgoal
51Sat Oct 25, 1947League Tier 2FulhamA0-09Started
52Sat Nov 01, 1947League Tier 2Coventry CityH4-09Startedgoalgoal
53Sat Nov 08, 1947League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedA2-09Started
54Sat Nov 15, 1947League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-29Started
55Sat Nov 22, 1947League Tier 2West Bromwich AlbionA2-39Started
56Sat Nov 29, 1947League Tier 2BarnsleyH1-19Startedgoal
57Sat Dec 06, 1947League Tier 2Plymouth ArgyleA1-19Startedgoal
58Sat Dec 20, 1947League Tier 2BuryA0-19Started
59Fri Dec 26, 1947League Tier 2Doncaster RoversA0-29Started
60Sat Dec 27, 1947League Tier 2Doncaster RoversH4-210Startedgoal
61Sat Jan 03, 1948League Tier 2West Ham UnitedH2-110Startedgoal
62Sat Jan 10, 1948FA CupLiverpoolA1-49Started
Sat Jan 24, 1948FriendlyArsenalH2-39Started
63Sat Jan 31, 1948League Tier 2MillwallH5-29Startedgoal
Sat Feb 07, 1948FriendlyCrystal PalaceA0-111Started
64Sat Feb 14, 1948League Tier 2Sheffield WednesdayH0-09Started
65Sat Feb 21, 1948League Tier 2Cardiff CityA1-49Startedgoal
66Sat Feb 28, 1948League Tier 2Leicester CityH1-09Started
67Sat Mar 06, 1948League Tier 2Leeds UnitedA2-29Startedgoal
68Sat Mar 13, 1948League Tier 2FulhamH0-29Started
69Sat Mar 27, 1948League Tier 2Newcastle UnitedH0-010Started
70Mon Mar 29, 1948League Tier 2SouthamptonH1-19Started