In the 140 years following Sam Widdowson's four goals against Sheffield Heeley on December 2nd 1882, a total of 89 players have scored 140 competitive hat-tricks.

Both Wally Ardron and Tom Peacock scored hat-tricks on 6 different occasions and three players have scored five.

The three hat-tricks that Alex Higgins scored all came in the FA Cup, and all within a month. He scored 5 goals against Clapton in the first round of the FA Cup on January 17 1891 and then hat-tricks in both of the second round replays against Sunderland on February 7th and 11th.

Both of Nigel Clough's hat-tricks were in under 10 minutes. His first, against QPR in December 1987 was in just 4 minutes and was the record at the time for a hat-trick in the top flight. His second, against Coventry in the League Cup was in just 8 minutes before half-time, when we were already losing 4-0.

Nigel Clough was on the losing side in that game, which is the fifth (and most recent) time that happened.

This is the summary of game results when we scored a hat-trick
Played Won Drawn Lost

These are all the players who have scored more than one hat-trick
Player Num Hat Tricks
Tom Peacock6
Wally Ardron6
Enoch West5
Grenville Morris5
Johnny Dent5
Alex Higgins3
Cyril Stocks3
Jim Barrett3
John Calvey3
Peter Davenport3
Thomas Gibson3
Billy Shearman2
Colin Addison2
Frank Wignall2
Garry Birtles2
Ian Storey-Moore2
Kevin Campbell2
Kris Commons2
Marlon Harewood2
Neil Webb2
Nigel Clough2
Pierre van Hooijdonk2
Radoslaw Majewski2
Roy Dwight2
Sam Jennings2
Sam Widdowson2
Tommy Capel2
Tucker Johnson2

These are all the 140 competitive hat-tricks scored by Forest players
Season Date Game Scorer Goals Opponent H/A Result Ground
1882-83Sat Dec 02, 1882FA CupSam Widdowson4Sheffield HeeleyH7-2Town Ground
1884-85Sat Nov 08, 1884FA CupSam Widdowson3RotherhamH5-0Parkside Ground
Sat Dec 06, 1884FA CupFrederick Fox3Sheffield HeeleyH4-1Parkside Ground
1885-86Sat Oct 31, 1885FA CupGeorge Tutin4MellorsH6-2Gregory Ground
1890-91Sat Jan 17, 1891FA CupTinsley Lindley4ClaptonA14-0Spotted Dog Ground
Sat Jan 17, 1891FA CupAlex Higgins5ClaptonA14-0Spotted Dog Ground
Sat Feb 07, 1891FA CupAlex Higgins3Sunderland AlbionH3-3Town Ground
Wed Feb 11, 1891FA CupAlex Higgins3Sunderland AlbionN5-0Bramall Lane
1892-93Sat Nov 12, 1892League Tier 1Neil McCallum3Aston VillaH4-5Town Ground
1893-94Sat Sep 02, 1893League Tier 1James Collins4Wolverhampton WanderersH7-1Town Ground
Sat Mar 24, 1894League Tier 1John McPherson3Preston North EndH4-2Town Ground
1898-99Mon Jan 02, 1899League Tier 1Len Benbow3EvertonA3-1Goodison Park
Sat Apr 22, 1899League Tier 1Fred Forman3West Bromwich AlbionH3-0City Ground
1899-00Sat Feb 17, 1900League Tier 1John Calvey3EvertonH4-2City Ground
1900-01Sat Oct 20, 1900League Tier 1Grenville Morris3West Bromwich AlbionA6-1The Hawthorns
Sat Jan 12, 1901League Tier 1John Calvey3Manchester CityH4-2City Ground
Sat Feb 09, 1901FA CupJohn Calvey3Leicester FosseH5-1City Ground
1904-05Sat Sep 10, 1904League Tier 1Grenville Morris3BuryH5-1City Ground
Sat Sep 24, 1904League Tier 1Billy Shearman3Blackburn RoversH5-2City Ground
1905-06Wed Jan 17, 1906FA CupBilly Shearman3BuryH6-2City Ground
1907-08Sat Sep 21, 1907League Tier 1Enoch West3ChelseaH6-0City Ground
Sat Nov 09, 1907League Tier 1Enoch West4SunderlandH4-1City Ground
Sat Feb 08, 1908League Tier 1Enoch West3Blackburn RoversA3-3Ewood Park
Sat Feb 29, 1908League Tier 1Arthur Green3EvertonH5-2City Ground
Sat Apr 11, 1908League Tier 1Grenville Morris3Manchester CityH3-1City Ground
1908-09Wed Apr 21, 1909League Tier 1Enoch West3Leicester FosseH12-0City Ground
Wed Apr 21, 1909League Tier 1Alf Spouncer3Leicester FosseH12-0City Ground
Wed Apr 21, 1909League Tier 1Bill Hooper3Leicester FosseH12-0City Ground
1909-10Sat Nov 27, 1909League Tier 1Enoch West3Manchester UnitedA6-2Bank Street
Sat Nov 27, 1909League Tier 1Grenville Morris3Manchester UnitedA6-2Bank Street
Sat Dec 11, 1909League Tier 1Grenville Morris3The WednesdayA3-4Hillsborough
1910-11Sat Nov 05, 1910League Tier 1Thomas Marrison3Blackburn RoversH5-2City Ground
1912-13Sat Dec 28, 1912League Tier 2John Derrick3Leicester FosseH4-2City Ground
Sat Jan 18, 1913FA CupThomas Gibson3ChesterfieldA4-1Saltergate
Sat Jan 25, 1913League Tier 2Thomas Gibson4BurnleyA5-3Turf Moor
Sat Feb 08, 1913League Tier 2Thomas Gibson3Hull CityH5-0City Ground
1914-15Sat Dec 19, 1914FA CupHarry Jones3Shrewsbury TownH6-1City Ground
1920-21Sat Dec 25, 1920League Tier 2Jack Spaven3Rotherham CountyH6-1City Ground
Sat Mar 12, 1921League Tier 2Sidney Harrold3FulhamH5-1City Ground
1927-28Mon Aug 29, 1927League Tier 2Noah Burton3FulhamH7-0City Ground
Sat Sep 24, 1927League Tier 2Tommy Roe3Manchester CityH4-5City Ground
1928-29Sat Sep 15, 1928League Tier 2Sam Jennings3Swansea TownA5-3Vetch Field
Sat Oct 13, 1928League Tier 2Sam Jennings3Bristol CityA5-2Ashton Gate
Sat Apr 13, 1929League Tier 2Joe Heathcock3Preston North EndH4-1City Ground
1929-30Sat Dec 21, 1929League Tier 2Clive German3Bristol CityH5-2City Ground
Sat Jan 11, 1930FA CupJohnny Dent3Rotherham UnitedA5-0Millmoor
Sat Feb 22, 1930League Tier 2Cyril Stocks3ReadingH5-0City Ground
1930-31Sat Sep 13, 1930League Tier 2Johnny Dent3Stoke CityH3-0City Ground
Sat Sep 27, 1930League Tier 2Cyril Stocks3Oldham AthleticH4-1City Ground
Sat Apr 25, 1931League Tier 2Billy Dickinson3Charlton AthleticH4-3City Ground
1931-32Wed Jan 27, 1932League Tier 2Johnny Dent3Bradford Park AvenueH6-1City Ground
Sat Feb 13, 1932League Tier 2Cyril Stocks3Notts CountyA6-2Meadow Lane
1933-34Sat Dec 23, 1933League Tier 2Tom Peacock4Port ValeH6-1City Ground
Sat Jan 13, 1934FA CupTom Peacock3Queens Park RangersH4-0City Ground
1934-35Tue Dec 25, 1934League Tier 2George Burditt3Norwich CityH5-2City Ground
Sat Mar 16, 1935League Tier 2Johnny Dent3Oldham AthleticA5-0Boundary Park
Sat Mar 23, 1935League Tier 2Johnny Dent3BurnleyH5-0City Ground
1935-36Sat Nov 09, 1935League Tier 2Tom Peacock4BarnsleyH6-0City Ground
Sat Nov 23, 1935League Tier 2Tom Peacock4Port ValeH9-2City Ground
Thu Dec 26, 1935League Tier 2Tom Peacock4Doncaster RoversH6-2City Ground
Sat Feb 01, 1936League Tier 2Eric Stubbs3Bradford Park AvenueA4-1Horton Park Avenue
1936-37Sat Sep 05, 1936League Tier 2Tom Peacock3FulhamH5-3City Ground
Sat Nov 07, 1936League Tier 2Boy Martin3BarnsleyH4-1City Ground
Wed Apr 21, 1937League Tier 2Jack Surtees3Tottenham HotspurH3-0City Ground
Sat May 01, 1937League Tier 2Meynell Burgin3SouthamptonA3-0The Dell
1946-47Sat Jan 04, 1947League Tier 2Colin Lyman3Newport CountyA5-2Somerton Park
Sat Jun 14, 1947League Tier 2Tom Johnston3Bradford Park AvenueH4-0City Ground
1950-51Sat Sep 30, 1950League Tier 3Wally Ardron3AldershotH7-0City Ground
Sat Nov 18, 1950League Tier 3Wally Ardron3GillinghamH9-2City Ground
Sat Nov 18, 1950League Tier 3Tommy Capel4GillinghamH9-2City Ground
Sat Nov 25, 1950FA CupTucker Johnson3Torquay UnitedH6-1City Ground
Sat Apr 07, 1951League Tier 3Wally Ardron3GillinghamA4-1Priestfield Stadium
Sat Apr 21, 1951League Tier 3Tucker Johnson3Exeter CityA5-0St. James Park (Exeter)
1952-53Sat Nov 29, 1952League Tier 2Wally Ardron3Birmingham CityA5-0St. Andrews
Fri Dec 26, 1952League Tier 2Wally Ardron4Hull CityH4-1City Ground
1953-54Sat Sep 19, 1953League Tier 2Alan Moore4Stoke CityH5-4City Ground
Fri Dec 25, 1953League Tier 2Wally Ardron3Leeds UnitedH5-2City Ground
Sat Feb 13, 1954League Tier 2Tommy Capel3FulhamH4-1City Ground
1956-57Sat Aug 25, 1956League Tier 2Jim Barrett3FulhamH3-1City Ground
Sat Jan 05, 1957FA CupJim Barrett3Goole TownH6-0City Ground
Sat Feb 02, 1957League Tier 2Jim Barrett3Port ValeA7-1Vale Park
Sat Feb 09, 1957League Tier 2Tommy Wilson3BarnsleyH7-1City Ground
Sat Apr 27, 1957League Tier 2Doug Lishman3Sheffield UnitedA4-0Bramall Lane
1958-59Sat Nov 08, 1958League Tier 1Johnny Quigley3Manchester CityH4-0City Ground
Sat Nov 29, 1958League Tier 1Roy Dwight3Leicester CityA3-0Filbert Street
Mon Feb 23, 1959FA CupRoy Dwight3Birmingham CityN5-0Filbert Street
1960-61Wed Sep 21, 1960League Tier 1Geoff Vowden3FulhamH4-2City Ground
1963-64Sat Feb 01, 1964League Tier 1Frank Wignall3Bolton WanderersA3-2Burnden Park
Sat Apr 04, 1964League Tier 1Colin Addison3Birmingham CityH4-0City Ground
1964-65Sat Oct 24, 1964League Tier 1Colin Addison3SunderlandH5-2City Ground
Sat Nov 07, 1964League Tier 1Frank Wignall3Aston VillaH4-2City Ground
1966-67Sat Oct 01, 1966League Tier 1Chris Crowe3Manchester UnitedH4-1City Ground
Sat Apr 08, 1967FA CupIan Storey-Moore3EvertonH3-2City Ground
1970-71Sat Mar 27, 1971League Tier 1Ian Storey-Moore3Crystal PalaceH3-1City Ground
1977-78Tue Oct 04, 1977League Tier 1Peter Withe4Ipswich TownH4-0City Ground
1978-79Wed Mar 28, 1979League Tier 1Martin O'Neill3ChelseaH6-0City Ground
1979-80Sat Sep 01, 1979League Tier 1Garry Birtles3West Bromwich AlbionA5-1The Hawthorns
Tue Sep 25, 1979League CupTony Woodcock3MiddlesbroughA3-1Ayresome Park
Sat Feb 23, 1980League Tier 1Trevor Francis3Manchester CityH4-0City Ground
1980-81Tue Sep 23, 1980League CupRaimondo Ponte3BuryA7-0Gigg Lane
1981-82Sat Sep 05, 1981League Tier 1Ian Wallace3Birmingham CityA3-4St. Andrews
Sat May 15, 1982League Tier 1Peter Davenport3Ipswich TownA3-1Portman Road
1983-84Sat Sep 17, 1983League Tier 1Colin Walsh3Norwich CityA3-2Carrow Road
1984-85Sat Sep 01, 1984League Tier 1Peter Davenport3SunderlandH3-1City Ground
Wed Sep 05, 1984League Tier 1Trevor Christie3Aston VillaA5-0Villa Park
1985-86Sat Oct 26, 1985League Tier 1Peter Davenport3ArsenalH3-2City Ground
Wed Jan 01, 1986League Tier 1Neil Webb3Coventry CityH5-2City Ground
1986-87Sat Sep 20, 1986League Tier 1Neil Webb3ChelseaA6-2Stamford Bridge
Sat Sep 20, 1986League Tier 1Garry Birtles3ChelseaA6-2Stamford Bridge
1987-88Sun Dec 13, 1987League Tier 1Nigel Clough3Queens Park RangersH4-0City Ground
1988-89Wed Oct 12, 1988League CupTommy Gaynor3Chester CityA4-0Deva Stadium
Wed Jan 18, 1989League CupLee Chapman4Queens Park RangersH5-2City Ground
1990-91Wed Nov 28, 1990League CupNigel Clough3Coventry CityA4-5Highfield Road
Mon Mar 04, 1991FA CupNigel Jemson3SouthamptonH3-1City Ground
1991-92Wed Feb 05, 1992League CupTeddy Sheringham3Crystal PalaceH4-2City Ground
1993-94Tue Sep 21, 1993League CupStan Collymore3WrexhamA3-3Racecourse Ground
1996-97Sat Aug 17, 1996League Tier 1Kevin Campbell3Coventry CityA3-0Highfield Road
1997-98Sat Aug 30, 1997League Tier 2Pierre van Hooijdonk3Queens Park RangersH4-0City Ground
Sat Nov 22, 1997League Tier 2Pierre van Hooijdonk3Charlton AthleticH5-2City Ground
Sat Mar 07, 1998League Tier 2Kevin Campbell3Crewe AlexandraA4-1Gresty Road
2000-01Sun Nov 12, 2000League Tier 2Jack Lester3GillinghamA3-1Priestfield Stadium
2001-02Sat Oct 20, 2001League Tier 2Stern John3MillwallA3-3The Den
2002-03Wed Sep 18, 2002League Tier 2Marlon Harewood3GillinghamH4-1City Ground
Sat Sep 21, 2002League Tier 2David Johnson3Grimsby TownA3-0Blundell Park
Sat Feb 22, 2003League Tier 2Marlon Harewood4Stoke CityH6-0City Ground
2005-06Sat Feb 25, 2006League Tier 3Nicky Southall3Swindon TownH7-1City Ground
2006-07Sat Nov 11, 2006FA CupKris Commons3YeadingH5-0City Ground
Sat Dec 09, 2006League Tier 3Nathan Tyson3Crewe AlexandraA4-1Gresty Road
2007-08Sat Sep 22, 2007League Tier 3Junior Agogo3GillinghamH4-0City Ground
Sat Oct 13, 2007League Tier 3Kris Commons3Cheltenham TownA3-0Whaddon Road
2009-10Sat Dec 05, 2009League Tier 2Robert Earnshaw3Leicester CityH5-1City Ground
2011-12Tue Mar 20, 2012League Tier 2Garath McCleary4Leeds UnitedA7-3Elland Road
Sat Mar 31, 2012League Tier 2Radoslaw Majewski3Crystal PalaceA3-0Selhurst Park
2012-13Tue Feb 19, 2013League Tier 2Radoslaw Majewski3Huddersfield TownH6-1City Ground
2013-14Sun Jan 05, 2014FA CupJamie Paterson3West Ham UnitedH5-0City Ground
2014-15Wed Sep 17, 2014League Tier 2Britt Assombalonga3FulhamH5-3City Ground
2016-17Fri Nov 25, 2016League Tier 2Henri Lansbury3BarnsleyA5-2Oakwell
2017-18Sat Oct 28, 2017League Tier 2Kieran Dowell3Hull CityA3-2KCOM Stadium
2021-22Sat Apr 30, 2022League Tier 2Sam Surridge3Swansea CityH5-1City Ground
2023-24Tue Dec 26, 2023League Tier 1Chris Wood3Newcastle UnitedA3-1St. James Park (Newcastle)