Full Name:
Joseph Powell Mercer


Years Active:
1910-15 (5 seasons)

Last Game:
109 years, 1 month, 4 days ago

STATS (Competitive games only):
Dec 24, 1910
Last Game:
Apr 24, 1915
158 (Rank: #130)
6 (Rank: #281)
Own Goals:

Yellow Cards:
Red Cards:
Jul 21, 1889

Higher Bebington





Intnl. Country:

Caps while at Forest:

Goals while at Forest:

Total Caps:

Total Goals:

Penalties scored:
Penalties missed:

Shirt numbers:
5 (155 games) , 4 (3)
Fred Earp (51 appearances) , Bob Masters (107)

Joe Mercer was the father of the more famous Joe Mercer Jr who played for Everton and Arsenal before managing several clubs (and England). Joe Mercer Sr fought in WWI where he received respiratory problems from a gas attack. He died from complications in 1927, aged 36.


Sergeant - 17th (Service) Battalion (1st Football) , Middlesex Regiment

SEASON STATS (Competitive games only)
Season Age* Squad Num Played Won Drawn Lost Goals Yellows Reds Own
Went Off Came On Unused
*Age = player's age on August 1st of the season

# Season Date Type Club Fee Loan until Manager
11910-11BoughtFred Earp
21914-15SoldBob Masters

Game First Game Last Game P W D L Goals Yellows Reds Own Goals Started Came On Went Off Unused Sub
League Tier 1Dec 24, 1910Apr 15, 191113211013
League Tier 2Sep 02, 1911Apr 24, 19151374128686137
League Tier 3
FA CupJan 14, 1911Jan 09, 191582158
League Cup
European Cup
Fairs Cup
Super Cup
Intercontinental Cup
Full Members Cup
EFL Trophy
Charity Shield
Anglo-Scottish Cup
Anglo-Italian Cup
Total (Comp)Dec 24, 1910Apr 24, 19151584530836158
FriendlyApr 17, 1911Jan 01, 1912222
TOTAL (Non-Comp)Apr 17, 1911Jan 01, 1912222
TOTAL OVERALLDec 24, 1910Apr 24, 19151604530856160
League TotalDec 24, 1910Apr 24, 19151504329786150

ALL GAMES FOR JOE MERCER (Competitive: 158, Other: 2)
# Date Game Opponent H/A Score Num Started Came
Yellow Red
Manager: Fred Earp
1Sat Dec 24, 1910League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurH1-25Started
2Mon Dec 26, 1910League Tier 1Tottenham HotspurA4-15Started
3Tue Dec 27, 1910League Tier 1MiddlesbroughH1-15Started
4Sat Dec 31, 1910League Tier 1Notts CountyH0-25Started
5Sat Jan 07, 1911League Tier 1Manchester UnitedA2-45Started
6Sat Jan 14, 1911FA CupWest Ham UnitedA1-25Started
7Sat Jan 21, 1911League Tier 1LiverpoolH2-05Started
8Sat Jan 28, 1911League Tier 1BuryA0-15Started
9Sat Feb 04, 1911League Tier 1Sheffield UnitedH1-25Started
10Sat Feb 11, 1911League Tier 1Aston VillaA1-35Started
11Sat Feb 18, 1911League Tier 1SunderlandH1-35Started
12Sat Mar 04, 1911League Tier 1Bradford CityH0-25Started
13Fri Apr 14, 1911League Tier 1EvertonA1-25Started
14Sat Apr 15, 1911League Tier 1Bristol CityA1-55Started
Mon Apr 17, 1911FriendlyQueen's ParkH1-24Started
15Sat Sep 02, 1911League Tier 2Leeds CityH2-15Started
16Sat Sep 09, 1911League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersA0-15Started
17Sat Sep 16, 1911League Tier 2Leicester FosseH4-15Started
18Sat Sep 23, 1911League Tier 2Gainsborough TrinityA2-15Started
19Sat Sep 30, 1911League Tier 2Grimsby TownH1-05Started
20Sat Oct 07, 1911League Tier 2BurnleyA0-25Started
21Sat Oct 14, 1911League Tier 2ChelseaA0-25Started
22Sat Oct 21, 1911League Tier 2Clapton OrientH3-05Startedgoal
23Sat Oct 28, 1911League Tier 2Bristol CityA2-25Started
24Sat Nov 04, 1911League Tier 2Birmingham CityH0-15Started
25Sat Nov 11, 1911League Tier 2Huddersfield TownA2-15Started
26Sat Nov 18, 1911League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-15Started
27Sat Nov 25, 1911League Tier 2Glossop North EndA0-05Started
28Sat Dec 02, 1911League Tier 2Hull CityH0-05Started
29Sat Dec 09, 1911League Tier 2BarnsleyA0-15Started
30Sat Dec 16, 1911League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH2-15Started
31Sat Dec 23, 1911League Tier 2FulhamA0-25Started
32Mon Dec 25, 1911League Tier 2Stockport CountyA2-25Startedgoal
33Tue Dec 26, 1911League Tier 2Derby CountyH1-35Started
34Sat Dec 30, 1911League Tier 2Leeds CityA1-35Started
Mon Jan 01, 1912FriendlyLinfield AthleticA1-25Started
35Sat Jan 06, 1912League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH0-05Started
36Sat Jan 13, 1912FA CupBradford Park AvenueH0-15Started
37Sat Jan 27, 1912League Tier 2Gainsborough TrinityH2-05Started
38Sat Feb 10, 1912League Tier 2BurnleyH0-15Started
39Sat Feb 17, 1912League Tier 2ChelseaH2-35Started
40Sat Feb 24, 1912League Tier 2Clapton OrientA2-05Started
41Thu Feb 29, 1912League Tier 2Leicester FosseA1-15Started
42Sat Mar 02, 1912League Tier 2Bristol CityH2-05Started
43Sat Mar 09, 1912League Tier 2Birmingham CityA2-45Startedgoal
44Sat Mar 16, 1912League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH3-05Started
45Thu Mar 21, 1912League Tier 2Grimsby TownA4-15Started
46Sat Mar 30, 1912League Tier 2Glossop North EndH0-15Started
47Sat Apr 06, 1912League Tier 2Hull CityA1-25Started
48Tue Apr 09, 1912League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-15Started
49Sat Apr 13, 1912League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-25Started
50Sat Apr 20, 1912League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueA1-25Started
51Sat Apr 27, 1912League Tier 2FulhamH1-15Started
Manager: Bob Masters
52Sat Sep 07, 1912League Tier 2Leicester FosseA1-35Started
53Sat Sep 14, 1912League Tier 2Stockport CountyH2-15Started
54Mon Sep 16, 1912League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersA3-25Started
55Sat Sep 21, 1912League Tier 2Preston North EndA1-15Started
56Sat Sep 28, 1912League Tier 2BurnleyH2-15Started
57Thu Oct 03, 1912League Tier 2BarnsleyH2-05Started
58Sat Oct 05, 1912League Tier 2Hull CityA1-25Started
59Sat Oct 12, 1912League Tier 2Glossop North EndH3-25Started
60Sat Oct 19, 1912League Tier 2Clapton OrientA2-25Started
61Sat Oct 26, 1912League Tier 2Lincoln CityH1-25Started
62Sat Nov 02, 1912League Tier 2BlackpoolH1-15Started
63Sat Nov 09, 1912League Tier 2Bristol CityA2-15Started
64Sat Nov 16, 1912League Tier 2Birmingham CityH3-15Started
65Sat Nov 23, 1912League Tier 2Huddersfield TownA1-15Started
66Sat Nov 30, 1912League Tier 2Leeds CityH1-25Started
67Sat Dec 07, 1912League Tier 2Grimsby TownA0-05Started
68Sat Dec 14, 1912League Tier 2BuryH1-15Started
69Sat Dec 21, 1912League Tier 2FulhamA0-05Started
70Wed Dec 25, 1912League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH2-05Started
71Sat Dec 28, 1912League Tier 2Leicester FosseH4-25Started
72Wed Jan 01, 1913League Tier 2BarnsleyA0-15Started
73Sat Jan 04, 1913League Tier 2Stockport CountyA1-25Started
74Sat Jan 18, 1913FA CupChesterfieldA4-15Started
75Sat Jan 25, 1913League Tier 2BurnleyA5-35Started
76Sat Feb 01, 1913FA CupOldham AthleticA1-55Started
77Wed Feb 05, 1913League Tier 2Preston North EndH0-25Started
78Sat Feb 08, 1913League Tier 2Hull CityH5-05Started
79Sat Feb 15, 1913League Tier 2Glossop North EndA3-45Started
80Sat Feb 22, 1913League Tier 2Clapton OrientH0-05Started
81Sat Mar 01, 1913League Tier 2Lincoln CityA1-25Started
82Sat Mar 08, 1913League Tier 2BlackpoolA1-25Started
83Sat Mar 15, 1913League Tier 2Bristol CityH4-15Started
84Fri Mar 21, 1913League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH1-25Started
85Sat Mar 22, 1913League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-25Started
86Mon Mar 24, 1913League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueA1-35Started
87Sat Mar 29, 1913League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH0-15Started
88Sat Apr 12, 1913League Tier 2Grimsby TownH1-25Started
89Sat Apr 19, 1913League Tier 2BuryA0-25Started
90Sat Apr 26, 1913League Tier 2FulhamH2-45Started
91Sat Sep 06, 1913League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersH1-35Started
92Thu Sep 11, 1913League Tier 2Leicester FosseA1-55Started
93Sat Sep 13, 1913League Tier 2Hull CityA0-14Started
94Sat Sep 20, 1913League Tier 2BarnsleyH0-24Started
95Sat Sep 27, 1913League Tier 2BuryA0-15Started
96Sat Oct 04, 1913League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH1-15Started
97Sat Oct 11, 1913League Tier 2Lincoln CityA0-15Started
98Sat Oct 18, 1913League Tier 2BlackpoolH3-05Started
99Sat Oct 25, 1913League Tier 2FulhamA0-25Started
100Sat Nov 01, 1913League Tier 2Woolwich ArsenalA2-35Started
101Sat Nov 08, 1913League Tier 2Grimsby TownH4-15Started
102Sat Nov 15, 1913League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-25Started
103Sat Nov 22, 1913League Tier 2Bristol CityH1-15Started
104Sat Nov 29, 1913League Tier 2Leeds CityA0-85Started
105Tue Dec 16, 1913League Tier 2Glossop North EndA0-34Started
106Sat Dec 20, 1913League Tier 2Stockport CountyH2-25Started
107Thu Dec 25, 1913League Tier 2Notts CountyA2-25Started
108Fri Dec 26, 1913League Tier 2Notts CountyH1-05Started
109Sat Dec 27, 1913League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersA1-45Started
110Sat Jan 03, 1914League Tier 2Hull CityH1-25Started
111Sat Jan 10, 1914FA CupClapton OrientA2-25Started
112Wed Jan 14, 1914FA CupClapton OrientH0-15Started
113Sat Jan 17, 1914League Tier 2BarnsleyA0-55Started
114Sat Jan 24, 1914League Tier 2BuryH1-15Started
115Sat Feb 07, 1914League Tier 2Huddersfield TownA1-15Started
116Sat Feb 14, 1914League Tier 2Lincoln CityH2-15Started
117Sat Feb 21, 1914League Tier 2BlackpoolA1-25Started
118Sat Feb 28, 1914League Tier 2FulhamH1-15Started
119Sat Mar 07, 1914League Tier 2Woolwich ArsenalH0-05Started
120Sat Mar 14, 1914League Tier 2Grimsby TownA0-35Started
121Sat Mar 21, 1914League Tier 2Birmingham CityH3-15Started
122Sat Mar 28, 1914League Tier 2Bristol CityA0-15Started
123Sat Apr 04, 1914League Tier 2Leeds CityH2-15Started
124Fri Apr 10, 1914League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueA0-45Started
125Sat Apr 11, 1914League Tier 2Clapton OrientA1-35Started
126Mon Apr 13, 1914League Tier 2Bradford Park AvenueH1-05Startedgoal
127Sat Apr 18, 1914League Tier 2Glossop North EndH1-25Startedgoal
128Wed Sep 02, 1914League Tier 2Birmingham CityH1-15Started
129Sat Sep 05, 1914League Tier 2Grimsby TownH4-25Started
130Sat Sep 12, 1914League Tier 2Huddersfield TownA0-45Started
131Sat Sep 19, 1914League Tier 2Bristol CityH0-15Started
132Thu Oct 01, 1914League Tier 2Lincoln CityH3-25Started
133Sat Oct 03, 1914League Tier 2Preston North EndH1-15Started
134Sat Oct 10, 1914League Tier 2BlackpoolA0-35Started
135Sat Oct 17, 1914League Tier 2Leicester FosseA1-35Started
136Sat Oct 24, 1914League Tier 2BarnsleyH2-15Started
137Sat Dec 05, 1914League Tier 2Leeds CityH3-15Started
138Sat Dec 12, 1914League Tier 2Clapton OrientA0-05Started
139Sat Dec 19, 1914FA CupShrewsbury TownH6-15Started
140Fri Dec 25, 1914League Tier 2Derby CountyH2-25Started
141Sat Dec 26, 1914League Tier 2Derby CountyA0-15Started
142Mon Dec 28, 1914League Tier 2Birmingham CityA0-35Started
143Sat Jan 02, 1915League Tier 2Grimsby TownA0-45Started
144Sat Jan 09, 1915FA CupNorwich CityH1-45Started
145Sat Jan 16, 1915League Tier 2Huddersfield TownH3-25Started
146Sat Jan 23, 1915League Tier 2Bristol CityA2-15Started
147Sat Feb 13, 1915League Tier 2BlackpoolH2-15Started
148Sat Feb 20, 1915League Tier 2Leicester FosseH1-35Startedgoal
149Sat Feb 27, 1915League Tier 2BarnsleyA0-35Started
150Sat Mar 06, 1915League Tier 2Glossop North EndH1-05Started
151Sat Mar 13, 1915League Tier 2Wolverhampton WanderersA1-55Started
152Sat Mar 20, 1915League Tier 2FulhamH2-25Started
153Sat Mar 27, 1915League Tier 2Stockport CountyA0-15Started
154Sat Apr 03, 1915League Tier 2Hull CityH1-05Started
155Mon Apr 05, 1915League Tier 2Lincoln CityA1-25Started
156Sat Apr 10, 1915League Tier 2Leeds CityA0-45Started
157Sat Apr 17, 1915League Tier 2Clapton OrientH0-15Started
158Sat Apr 24, 1915League Tier 2ArsenalA0-75Started