The League Cup is a domestic tournament open to the 92 clubs in the Premier League and three Football League divisions. We played in the first two seasons of the cup but did not enter for the next four years.

After not making it past the first four rounds until 1977, we won it that season in a replayed final against Liverpool and became the first team to successfully retain the cup against Southampton the following year, before losing the 1980 final against Wolves

Eight years later we won the cup for a third time, beating Luton in the final and regained it the next season against Oldham. 1991 saw us lose 5-4 away to Coventry (after being 4-0 down after just 34 minutes).

We made the final for the last time in 1992, losing to Manchester United for their first ever League Cup win.

League Cup Record
Cup First Game Last Game Seasons P W D L F A
League CupOct 06, 1960Aug 24, 2021582101143857396259

Round by round
Cup Round Name First Game Last Game P W D L F A Replays
League Cup11st roundSep 11, 1961Aug 11, 20213022176428
League Cup22nd roundOct 06, 1960Aug 24, 202178441915162865
League Cup33rd round (last 32)Nov 15, 1960Sep 24, 2019432041977763
League Cup44th round (last 16)Jan 10, 1961Oct 30, 201824114940334
League CupQuarterQuarter-final (last 8)Jan 17, 1978Jan 29, 19941564525224
League CupSemiSemi-finalFeb 08, 1978Mar 01, 19921275199
League CupFinalFinalMar 18, 1978Apr 12, 19927412851

Forest tier v opponent tier
This is how Forest did against teams with respect to which tier of the league they were in.
Cup Forest
First Game Last Game P W D L F A Replays
Tier: 1
League Cup11Jan 10, 1961Nov 11, 199856271217103779
League Cup12Sep 13, 1966Nov 30, 199427146743254
League Cup13Oct 06, 1960Sep 24, 19963121827526
League Cup14Sep 11, 1961Oct 27, 1998161244410
Tier: 2
League Cup21Sep 10, 1974Aug 24, 202122421624592
League Cup22Sep 05, 1972Sep 05, 20201682620182
League Cup23Aug 19, 1975Aug 13, 20191913334025
League Cup24Aug 11, 1997Aug 11, 20211814134212
Tier: 3
League Cup32Sep 18, 2007Sep 18, 20071123
League Cup34Aug 23, 2005Aug 14, 200731224

All League Cup games
1960-61Thu Oct 06, 1960Halifax Town2H2-0Win
Tue Nov 15, 1960Bristol City3H2-1Win
Tue Jan 10, 1961Burnley4A1-2LossTurf Moor
1961-62Mon Sep 11, 1961Gillingham1H4-1Win
Wed Oct 11, 1961Queens Park Rangers2A2-1WinLoftus Road
Tue Nov 14, 1961Blackburn Rovers3H1-2Loss
1966-67Tue Sep 13, 1966Birmingham City2H1-1Draw
Tue Sep 20, 1966Birmingham City2RA1-2LossSt. Andrews
1967-68Wed Sep 13, 1967Scunthorpe United2A1-0WinOld Show Ground
Tue Oct 10, 1967Burnley3A0-3LossTurf Moor
1968-69Tue Sep 03, 1968West Bromwich Albion2H2-3LossMeadow LanePlayed at Meadow Lane
1969-70Wed Sep 03, 1969Barrow2A2-1WinHolker Street
Tue Sep 23, 1969West Ham United3H1-0Win
Wed Oct 15, 1969Oxford United4H0-1Loss
1970-71Wed Sep 09, 1970Huddersfield Town2A0-0DrawLeeds Road
Wed Sep 16, 1970Huddersfield Town2RH2-0Win
Tue Oct 06, 1970Birmingham City3A1-2LossSt. Andrews
1971-72Tue Sep 07, 1971Aldershot2H5-1Win
Wed Oct 06, 1971Chelsea3H1-1Draw
Mon Oct 11, 1971Chelsea3RA1-2LossStamford Bridge
1972-73Tue Sep 05, 1972Aston Villa2H0-1Loss
1973-74Wed Oct 10, 1973Millwall2A0-0DrawThe Den
Tue Oct 16, 1973Millwall2RH1-3Loss
1974-75Tue Sep 10, 1974Newcastle United2H1-1Draw
Wed Sep 25, 1974Newcastle United2RA0-3LossSt. James Park (Newcastle)
1975-76Tue Aug 19, 1975Rotherham United11A2-1WinMillmoor
Wed Aug 27, 1975Rotherham United12H5-1WinWon 7-2 on aggregate
Wed Sep 10, 1975Plymouth Argyle2H1-0Win
Wed Oct 08, 1975Manchester City3A1-2LossMaine Road
1976-77Tue Aug 31, 1976Walsall2A4-2WinFellows Park
Tue Sep 21, 1976Coventry City3H0-3Loss
1977-78Tue Aug 30, 1977West Ham United2H5-0Win
Tue Oct 25, 1977Notts County3H4-0Win
Tue Nov 29, 1977Aston Villa4H4-2Win
Tue Jan 17, 1978BuryQuarterA3-0WinGigg Lane
Wed Feb 08, 1978Leeds UnitedSemi1A3-1WinElland Road
Wed Feb 22, 1978Leeds UnitedSemi2H4-2WinWon 7-3 on aggregate
Sat Mar 18, 1978LiverpoolFinalN0-0DrawWembleyPlayed at Wembley
Wed Mar 22, 1978LiverpoolFinalRN1-0WinOld TraffordPlayed at Old Trafford
1978-79Tue Aug 29, 1978Oldham Athletic2A0-0DrawBoundary Park
Wed Sep 06, 1978Oldham Athletic2RH4-2Win
Wed Oct 04, 1978Oxford United3A5-0WinManor Ground
Tue Nov 07, 1978Everton4A3-2WinGoodison Park
Wed Dec 13, 1978Brighton and Hove AlbionQuarterH3-1Win
Wed Jan 17, 1979WatfordSemi1H3-1Win
Tue Jan 30, 1979WatfordSemi2A0-0DrawVicarage RoadWon 3-1 on aggregate
Sat Mar 17, 1979SouthamptonFinalN3-2WinWembleyWon the League Cup at Wembley
1979-80Wed Aug 29, 1979Blackburn Rovers21A1-1DrawEwood Park
Wed Sep 05, 1979Blackburn Rovers22H6-1WinWon 7-2 on aggregate
Tue Sep 25, 1979Middlesbrough3A3-1WinAyresome Park
Tue Oct 30, 1979Bristol City4A1-1DrawAshton Gate
Wed Nov 14, 1979Bristol City4RH3-0Win
Tue Dec 04, 1979West Ham UnitedQuarterA0-0DrawUpton Park
Wed Dec 12, 1979West Ham UnitedQuarterRH3-0Win
Tue Jan 22, 1980LiverpoolSemi1H1-0Win
Tue Feb 12, 1980LiverpoolSemi2A1-1DrawAnfieldWon 2-1 on aggregate
Sat Mar 15, 1980Wolverhampton WanderersFinalN0-1LossWembleyPlayed at Wembley
1980-81Wed Aug 27, 1980Peterborough United21H3-0Win
Wed Sep 03, 1980Peterborough United22A1-1DrawLondon RoadWon 4-1 on aggregate
Tue Sep 23, 1980Bury3A7-0WinGigg Lane
Tue Oct 28, 1980Watford4A1-4LossVicarage Road
1981-82Tue Oct 06, 1981Birmingham City21A3-2WinSt. Andrews
Wed Oct 28, 1981Birmingham City22H2-1WinWon 5-3 on aggregate
Wed Nov 11, 1981Blackburn Rovers3A1-0WinEwood Park
Wed Dec 02, 1981Tranmere Rovers4H2-0Win
Mon Jan 18, 1982Tottenham HotspurQuarterA0-1LossWhite Hart Lane
1982-83Wed Oct 06, 1982West Bromwich Albion21H6-1Win
Tue Oct 26, 1982West Bromwich Albion22A1-3LossThe HawthornsWon 7-4 on aggregate
Wed Nov 10, 1982Watford3H7-3Win
Wed Dec 01, 1982Brentford4H2-0Win
Wed Jan 19, 1983Manchester UnitedQuarterA0-4LossOld Trafford
1983-84Tue Oct 04, 1983Wimbledon21A0-2LossPlough Lane
Wed Oct 26, 1983Wimbledon22H1-1DrawLost 3-1 on aggregate
1984-85Tue Sep 25, 1984Portsmouth21A0-1LossFratton Park
Wed Oct 10, 1984Portsmouth22H3-0WinWon 3-1 on aggregate
Wed Oct 31, 1984Sunderland3H1-1Draw
Tue Nov 06, 1984Sunderland3RA0-1LossRoker Park
1985-86Wed Sep 25, 1985Bolton Wanderers21H4-0Win
Tue Oct 08, 1985Bolton Wanderers22A3-0WinBurnden ParkWon 7-0 on aggregate
Wed Oct 30, 1985Derby County3A2-1WinBaseball Ground
Mon Nov 25, 1985Queens Park Rangers4A1-3LossLoftus Road
1986-87Wed Sep 24, 1986Brighton and Hove Albion21A0-0DrawGoldstone Ground
Wed Oct 08, 1986Brighton and Hove Albion22H3-0WinWon 3-0 on aggregate
Wed Oct 29, 1986Crystal Palace3A2-2DrawSelhurst Park
Wed Nov 05, 1986Crystal Palace3H1-0Win
Wed Nov 19, 1986Bradford City4A5-0WinOdsal Stadium
Wed Jan 21, 1987ArsenalQuarterA0-2LossHighbury
1987-88Wed Sep 23, 1987Hereford United21H5-0Win
Wed Oct 07, 1987Hereford United22A1-1DrawEdgar StreetWon 6-1 on aggregate
Tue Oct 27, 1987Manchester City3A0-3LossMaine Road
1988-89Wed Sep 28, 1988Chester City21H6-0Win
Wed Oct 12, 1988Chester City22A4-0WinDeva StadiumWon 10-0 on aggregate
Wed Nov 02, 1988Coventry City3H3-2Win
Wed Nov 30, 1988Leicester City4A0-0DrawFilbert Street
Wed Dec 14, 1988Leicester City4RH2-1Win
Wed Jan 18, 1989Queens Park RangersQuarterH5-2Win
Wed Feb 15, 1989Bristol CitySemi1H1-1Draw
Sun Feb 26, 1989Bristol CitySemi2A1-0WinAshton GateWon 2-1 on aggregate
Sun Apr 09, 1989Luton TownFinalN3-1WinWembleyWon the League Cup at Wembley
1989-90Wed Sep 20, 1989Huddersfield Town21H1-1Draw
Tue Oct 03, 1989Huddersfield Town22A3-3DrawLeeds Road4-4 on aggregate; Forest won on away goals
Tue Oct 24, 1989Crystal Palace3A0-0DrawSelhurst Park
Wed Nov 01, 1989Crystal Palace3RH5-0Win
Wed Nov 22, 1989Everton4H1-0Win
Wed Jan 17, 1990Tottenham HotspurQuarterH2-2Draw
Wed Jan 24, 1990Tottenham HotspurQuarterRA3-2WinWhite Hart Lane
Sun Feb 11, 1990Coventry CitySemi1H2-1Win
Sun Feb 25, 1990Coventry CitySemi2A0-0DrawHighfield RoadWon 2-1 on aggregate
Sun Apr 29, 1990Oldham AthleticFinalN1-0WinWembleyWon the League Cup at Wembley
1990-91Wed Sep 26, 1990Burnley21H4-1Win
Wed Oct 10, 1990Burnley22A1-0WinTurf MoorWon 5-1 on aggregate
Wed Oct 31, 1990Plymouth Argyle3A2-1WinHome Park
Wed Nov 28, 1990Coventry City4A4-5LossHighfield Road
1991-92Wed Sep 25, 1991Bolton Wanderers21H4-0Win
Tue Oct 08, 1991Bolton Wanderers22A5-2WinBurnden ParkWon 9-2 on aggregate
Wed Oct 30, 1991Bristol Rovers3H2-0Win
Wed Dec 04, 1991Southampton4H0-0Draw
Tue Dec 17, 1991Southampton4RA1-0WinThe Dell
Wed Jan 08, 1992Crystal PalaceQuarterA1-1DrawSelhurst Park
Wed Feb 05, 1992Crystal PalaceQuarterRH4-2Win
Sun Feb 09, 1992Tottenham HotspurSemi1H1-1Draw
Sun Mar 01, 1992Tottenham HotspurSemi2A2-1WinWhite Hart LaneWon 3-2 on aggregate
Sun Apr 12, 1992Manchester UnitedFinalN0-1LossWembleyPlayed at Wembley
1992-93Wed Sep 23, 1992Stockport County21A3-2WinEdgeley Park
Wed Oct 07, 1992Stockport County22H2-1WinWon 5-3 on aggregate
Wed Oct 28, 1992Crewe Alexandra3A1-0WinGresty Road
Wed Dec 02, 1992Tottenham Hotspur4H2-0Win
Tue Jan 12, 1993ArsenalQuarterA0-2LossHighbury
1993-94Tue Sep 21, 1993Wrexham21A3-3DrawDerby Racecourse
Wed Oct 06, 1993Wrexham22H3-1WinWon 6-4 on aggregate
Wed Oct 27, 1993West Ham United3H2-1Win
Wed Dec 01, 1993Manchester City4H0-0Draw
Wed Dec 15, 1993Manchester City4R A2-1WinMaine Road
Wed Jan 26, 1994Tranmere RoversQuarterH1-1Draw
Sat Jan 29, 1994Tranmere RoversQuarterRA0-2LossPrenton Park
1994-95Wed Sep 21, 1994Hereford United21H2-1Win
Tue Oct 04, 1994Hereford United22A0-0DrawEdgar StreetWon 2-1 on aggregate
Wed Oct 26, 1994Wolverhampton Wanderers3A3-2WinMolineux
Wed Nov 30, 1994Millwall4H0-2Loss
1995-96Tue Sep 19, 1995Bradford City21A2-3LossValley Parade
Wed Oct 04, 1995Bradford City22H2-2DrawWon 5-4 on aggregate
1996-97Wed Sep 18, 1996Wycombe Wanderers21H1-0Win
Tue Sep 24, 1996Wycombe Wanderers22A1-1DrawAdams ParkWon 2-1 on aggregate
Wed Oct 23, 1996West Ham United3A1-4LossUpton Park
1997-98Mon Aug 11, 1997Doncaster Rovers11A8-0WinBelle Vue
Wed Aug 27, 1997Doncaster Rovers12H2-1WinWon 10-1 on aggregate
Wed Sep 17, 1997Walsall21H0-1Loss
Wed Sep 24, 1997Walsall22A2-2DrawBescot StadiumLost 3-2 on aggregate
1998-99Tue Sep 15, 1998Leyton Orient21A5-1WinBrisbane Road
Tue Sep 22, 1998Leyton Orient22H0-0DrawWon 5-1 on aggregate
Tue Oct 27, 1998Cambridge United3H3-3WinWon 4-3 on penalties
Wed Nov 11, 1998Manchester United4A1-2LossOld Trafford
1999-00Wed Aug 11, 1999Mansfield Town11H3-0Win
Tue Aug 24, 1999Mansfield Town12A0-1LossField MillWon 3-1 on aggregate
Wed Sep 15, 1999Bristol City21H2-1Win
Wed Sep 22, 1999Bristol City22A0-0DrawAshton GateWon 2-1 on aggregate
Wed Oct 13, 1999Sheffield Wednesday3A1-4LossHillsborough
2000-01Tue Aug 22, 2000Darlington11A2-2DrawFeethams
Wed Sep 06, 2000Darlington12H1-2LossLost 4-3 on aggregate
2001-02Mon Aug 20, 2001Hartlepool United1A2-0WinVictoria Park
Wed Sep 12, 2001Stockport County2H1-1WinWon 8-7 on penalties
Mon Oct 08, 2001Bolton Wanderers3A0-1LossReebok Stadium
2002-03Wed Sep 11, 2002Kidderminster Harriers1H4-0Win
Wed Oct 02, 2002Walsall2H1-2Loss
2003-04Tue Aug 12, 2003Port Vale1A0-0WinVale ParkWon 3-2 on penalties
Tue Sep 23, 2003Tranmere Rovers2A0-0WinPrenton ParkWon 4-1 on penalties
Wed Oct 29, 2003Portsmouth3H2-4Loss
2004-05Wed Aug 25, 2004Scunthorpe United1H2-0Win
Wed Sep 22, 2004Rotherham United2H2-1Win
Tue Oct 26, 2004Doncaster Rovers3A2-0WinBelle Vue
Wed Nov 10, 2004Fulham4H2-4Loss
2005-06Tue Aug 23, 2005Macclesfield Town1H2-3Loss
2006-07Mon Aug 21, 2006Accrington Stanley1A0-1LossCrown Ground
2007-08Tue Aug 14, 2007Chester City1A0-0WinDeva StadiumWon 4-2 on penalties
Tue Aug 28, 2007Leicester City2H1-0AbaAbandoned at half-time due to player injury
Tue Sep 18, 2007Leicester City2H2-3Loss
2008-09Wed Aug 13, 2008Morecambe1H4-0Win
Wed Aug 27, 2008Sunderland2H1-2Loss
2009-10Wed Aug 12, 2009Bradford City1H3-0Win
Tue Aug 25, 2009Middlesbrough2H2-1Win
Tue Sep 22, 2009Blackburn Rovers3H0-1Loss
2010-11Tue Aug 10, 2010Bradford City1A1-2LossValley Parade
2011-12Tue Aug 09, 2011Notts County1H3-3WinWon 4-3 on penalties
Tue Aug 23, 2011Wycombe Wanderers2A4-1WinAdams Park
Tue Sep 20, 2011Newcastle United3H3-4Loss
2012-13Mon Aug 13, 2012Fleetwood Town1A1-0WinHighbury Stadium
Tue Aug 28, 2012Wigan Athletic2H1-4Loss
2013-14Tue Aug 06, 2013Hartlepool United1H3-1Win
Wed Aug 28, 2013Millwall2H2-1Win
Tue Sep 24, 2013Burnley3A1-2LossTurf Moor
2014-15Tue Aug 12, 2014Tranmere Rovers1A1-0WinPrenton Park
Tue Aug 26, 2014Huddersfield Town2A2-0WinJohn Smith's Stadium
Wed Sep 24, 2014Tottenham Hotspur3A1-3LossWhite Hart Lane
2015-16Tue Aug 11, 2015Walsall1H3-4Loss
2016-17Tue Aug 09, 2016Doncaster Rovers1A2-1WinKeepmoat Stadium
Tue Aug 23, 2016Millwall2A2-1WinThe Den
Tue Sep 20, 2016Arsenal3H0-4Loss
2017-18Tue Aug 08, 2017Shrewsbury Town1H2-1Win
Wed Aug 23, 2017Newcastle United2A3-2WinSt. James Park (Newcastle)
Wed Sep 20, 2017Chelsea3A1-5LossStamford Bridge
2018-19Tue Aug 14, 2018Bury1H1-1WinWon 10-9 on penalties
Wed Aug 29, 2018Newcastle United2H3-1Win
Wed Sep 26, 2018Stoke City3H3-2Win
Tue Oct 30, 2018Burton Albion4A2-3LossPirelli Stadium
2019-20Tue Aug 13, 2019Fleetwood Town1H1-0Win
Tue Aug 27, 2019Derby County2H3-0WinRetained Brian Clough trophy
Tue Sep 24, 2019Arsenal3A0-5LossEmirates Stadium
2020-21Sat Sep 05, 2020Barnsley1A0-1LossOakwell
2021-22Wed Aug 11, 2021Bradford City1H2-1Win
Tue Aug 24, 2021Wolverhampton Wanderers2H0-4Loss